If you want to visit SOKK and you are not going to bring or pick up equipment, take the main entrance
of the Erasmusbuilding and take the stairs down to the right towards the bicycle cellar.

SOKK can be found at the sliding doors of the bicycle cellar.

It is also possible to take the entrance behind the Erasmusbuilding to the bicycle cellar.

SOKK is on the right after the sliding doors.
You can use the loading / unloading platform behind the Erasmusbuilding to collect and deliver equipment.

You register at the barrier and indicate that you will bring (or pick up) equipment from SOKK.

ATTENTION!! This is only possible during the opening hours of SOKK.
After the barrier you will see a loading / unloading platform on the right.

To the left of that you have a staircase down where the service is, and a door
which gives you access to the cellar.

In the unlikely event that the door is locked or you need help operating the loading / unloading platform,
please call SOKK (024-36 11193)

Platform trucks from SOKK are ready at the door below.

When you leaving the room, turn right and walk straight ahead to the sliding doors of the
bicycle cellar.

SOKK can be found after the sliding doors on the right.